DeFehr Furniture Web Portal


1. Can I use a wild card to search for a Purchase Order Number?

Yes, if you enter the first part of the PO number, or Order number, the search will pull ALL PO numbers or Order numbers that start with the wild card - shipped or open.

You can also use a wild card in the Item number field with a specific shipped from date. We recommend using a shipped from date no more then 30 days.

2. Can more then one person be set up on your web portal per store?

Yes, our system allows as many users as you need to access your account on our web portal.

3. If a user leaves his or her position, whom do we notify?

Please let use know at and we will remove the user from our data base.

4. What if I can't find the Purchase Order I am looking for?

The Web Portal is a tool, we have trained staff available from 7 AM CT to 4 PM CT available to answer your calls at 1-877-333-3471.

5. What if I can't view my report or other parts of the portal are not showing up correctly?

This site is best viewed using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

6. What if I can't export my report to PDF, EXCEL, etc.?

In order to export the report in a specific format, you must have the proper programs installed on your computer. For example, to view a PDF report, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. Please contact customer service if you are having further issues.